Together Project

  • Together Project
  • Tendril is incredibly honoured to present this animated film for Together Project: the film perfectly encapsulates Together Project’s objectives while offering human insights into real experiences of many newcomers.

    Written and directed by Julia Deakin and with creative consultation by our good friend Kurt Mills (of Goodby), this film perfectly encapsulates the objectives of Together Project while offering human insights into real experiences of many newcomers. Special thanks to Emilie Muszczak, who beautifully mastered the design and animation for this piece, and a big shout out Elham Nanaa, our sweet 9 year old voice. Elham arrived with her family in 2015, and between Elham and her older sister Hanan they verified that our story hits the nail on the head when it comes to how integration can work at its absolute best. They were both very proud to be part of the creation of this film.

    The :60s film is a mix of 2D animation, 3D animation, and hand drawn cel animation. The characters and scenes were designed in Photoshop as well as Procreate on iPad Pro. The layered files were then handed off to the animators, who brought them to life using After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Animate depending on the needs of each scene. Everything was brought back into After Effects for final comp and output.
  • Client: Together Project

    Writer: Julia Deakin

    Director, Design + Animation: Julia Deakin

    Designer / Animator: Emilie Muszczak

    Creative Director: Christopher Bahry, Alexandre Torres

    Executive Producer: Kate Bate

    Producer: Leah Wesolowski

    Coordinator: Priscila Conde

    C4D Animator: Joseph Recoskie

    Cel Animator: Bruno Brasil

    2D Animators: Leandro Beltran, Samuel Bohn

    Music + Sound Effects: Niko Hook

    Talent Record + Final Mix: Keen

    Voice Talent: Elham Nanaa

    Special Thanks: Kurt Mills for writing and story consultation