arquetipos 01_space dividers

  • arquetipos_01
    This project seeks new explorations of materials and functions for objects that are commonly found in living rooms, the starting point for this investigation was the transition and evolution of the furniture archetypes found in living rooms from the mid century design era to actual contemporary design. The common space divider was taken as a case study, analyzing ways of how to innovate in its interaction, transportation and storage.

    The result is a series of space dividers that consist of a base structure and a weaved frame made from natural fibers found in Mexico; tule, which is a material used for crafts. Each space divider serves a different function and can be assembled in two steps.

    arq_a: Rectangular space divider, stands at the same height as a chair, it can be used to divide working spaces from leisure spaces, still allowing the user to interact with others around him.

    arq_b: Slot space divider, Its height provides privacy for activities that may require it such as changing clothes, it stands at a total height of 1.60 mts.

    arq_c: Mid circle space divider, stand at lower height, for more casual activities that may require kneeling or laying down; diving spaces at a lower height.

  • Photography by Noemi García
    Model Sofia Resendiz

    This project was partially exhibited in the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2017
    As part of the design collective En la Superficie de la Arena

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