• PODAROK #2 (GIFT #2)
    Podarok is a print project where we make cards, stickers, zines, posters and other printed stuff together with our friends. The second issue is a set of cards printed on risograph and stickers.
    The theme of the issue is THE END OF THE WORLD.

    Podarok #2 is available to buy! 
    Contact us via direct messages on Behance or e-mail: print@esh.rocks

    Also, check out the previous issue of Podarok: Podarok #1

  • Tim Yarzhombek & Stefan Lashko
  • Kamilla Mamedova & Ekaterina Daugel-Dauge
  • Alia Diakova & Evgenia Nechaeva
  • Karina Yazylyan
  • Khadia Ulumbekova & Julia Adelova
  • Ksusha Itwazcool
  • Ksusha Itwazcool & Tim Yarzhombek
  • Anna Danilova
  • Idea & design: esh gruppa
    Production: esh print
    Illustrations: Kamilla Mamedova, Ekaterina Daugel-Dauge, Tim Yarzhombek, Stefan Lashko, 
    Alia Diakova, Evgenia Nechaeva, Karina Yazylyan, Khadia Ulumbekova, Julia Adelova, 
    Ksusha Itwazcool, Anna Danilova
    Print: risography and digital printing
    Year: 2017
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