Ching Chair

  • Ching Chair  清轉合

    Cement and Bamboo are both very familiar materials in Taiwan. However they had been recognized and used as non-respecting ways around us, which makes them seem to be low quality materials in Taiwan. Ching Chair is a furniture design project which respecting the texture feature of original material, we redefined the significance and relationship between both material, through the sense of touch and vision while being use. Ching Chair can express the craft beauty of original combination, we see pure and innocent attractions in their form.

    水泥與台灣竹,兩者美麗材料在台灣卻因普及而被忽視,舊時的竹器與現代的水泥,藉由兩種原始材質的特點運用與人體關係的結合,設計成凳椅,將材質以新形式樣貌創造在使用過程中的新感動。 期望於舊與新之間轉化出一條橋梁,喚醒人們重新檢視並體驗身邊質地細節純粹的美感,藉由設計去尊重周圍環境原生材質觀念,讓材質材料以自然獨特的形式創造新時代美學觀點。

  • Prodouct Type
    Craft - Furniture - Chair
    Moso bamboo & Cement  
    L 330mm  W 330mm  H 550mm

    Project Award
    2013_Red Dot Award: Design Concept / Best of the Best

  • Cement Connection  水泥榫接
    The characteristic of cement is after mix with water, will start turning from Liquid state into Solid state with time.
    So we use this specialty reaction to perfusion cement in it's traditional way. In order to give mortise extra stronger connect.

  • Innovation of Bamboo Material  保青竹
    Bamboo we choose, have been made after Green color preserve process.
    So the skin of Bamboo will remains its nature green, remains the original beauty of color.

  • 1. Final version of card-papper model for discussion use.
    2. Shaping the pieces after divide one bamboo to three main parts.
    3. Place one of the main part into the modeling tool to locate before digging connect hole.
    4. Digging the hole for the middle connecting part.
    5. Place three main parts of Bamboo leg on the modle locating tool, to measure and fit them togther.
    6. Measuring the middle connecting rod, Making sure the size correct.
    7. Perfusion cement into the hourglass-shape mortise hole.

  • Desiged by Ta-Chih Lin & Yi-Fan Hsieh
    Special thanks to Craftsman - Jian Cheng Lin