• Horoscopes are like matured fairytales that many of us consume daily, or even 'side-eye' whilst flicking through the back pages of a newspaper. Guesswork is a slapstick app that plays on the whimsical nature of horoscopes, curated solely for entertainment purposes. 

  • Horoscopes have become newspaper 'furniture', tucked away in the back of newspapers and magazines, sitting alongside the crosswords and sudoku and are understood to be a "one-size-fits-all" enterprise, that are written for each and every one of us. 

    Newspapers are vehicles for hard-hitting news, yet they are also distributors for entertainment gossip, advice on love and even how to get gravy out of your favourite shirt and horoscopes, still firmly remain, despite being perceived as complete nonsense. But why do people still quickly view them? Simply, readers secretly like them. 

  • Guesswork takes those open-ended statements and misleading advice from the newspaper to the palms of users' hands, as many are curious enough to dabble in astrology but are not willing to take it too seriously and actually influence their life decisions. 

    The app plays on the appealing nature of the ambiguity of horoscopes. Simple, straight-forward and designed to be a laughable experience of providing completely absurd forecasts, personality traits, characteristics and compatibility with other signs.

  • It says it all in the name. Guesswork pretty much guesses forecasts, plucking them from thin air when all the facts are not really know at all. 

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