Beneath the waves - Character design Vol: 9

  • Beneath the waves


    This story develops in a retro futuristic 1930's, the mood is classic, stylish and with elements of steampunk, the humanoids that live underwater are extremely civilized, the enjoy the same pleasures of the people on the surface, like good jazz, whiskey, cigars, fast machines and cool clothes. 
    They manage to build an impressive infrastructure, full of entertainment and  also industry that extends for miles. like in any other city, this one needs a team to protect it, they are called the  "nautilus team" .
    On the other hand, we have the original creatures, and also the original habitants of  these waters, now they are in conflict for the same place and from time to time all hell brake loose....
    That is the basic  set up of this characters i hope you dig the story and enjoy the characters 

    Cheers !