• Taste of a painting.

    Drawing pictures(including watercolor) has attracted many people for a long time. But one had to prepare so many tools(a picture, a canvas, a bucket, various brushes, colored pencils, a palette, and others) in drawing a picture.  These days, users started using 'tablets' in drawing pictures as a alternative way.

    But one thing I considered as a pain point was that tablets do not provide pleasant experience in drawing a picture. Using a tablet is just like a utilizing a device, not drawing a picture. Also, one had to learn the interface to freely utilize it.
    As a result, tablet came to reduce the 'Taste of a painting"

  • Interface derived from analogue painting

    DAVINCH provides convenient advantages of digital drawing, while existing analogue way of drawing could also be possible. Since DAVINCH has a interface derived from 'analogue painting', one does not have to learn to use it. In other words, all ages (from kids to seniors) are able to use it. Also, one can feel the sensitivities of existing analogue painting.

  • Getting out from the screen.

    Two main functions (brushes, palettes) of painting are taken out from the screen. One can choose the color just like what one did on palettes, and one can also change brushes just like what one did on the desk. The behaviors one did in analogue painting are applied to the interface of  product.

  • Behavior & Intuition

    DAVINCH is composed of 3 different parts. One on the left is 'Roughness control', which controls the roughness of the brush, controlling the concentration of water in a brush. One on the middle is a 'Color picker' that is brought out of the  coloring interface, which allows a intuitive way of selecting colors. One on the right is a cradle that holds the brush to easily take brush in and out.