• Mosaïque (mosaic) is a typeface based on the Hagia Sophia monument.

    The building builds in the IVth century in Constantinople today Istanbul, presents a unique architectural and cultural duality between arabized  arabesque and orthodox Christian architecture.

    The typography’s name comes from numerous gold’s mosaics which covered initially all the vaults and the domes, and the rests of which make the reputation of the building.
    Futhermore the mosaic evoke several elements forming a whole harmonious as various architectures getting involved in a homogeneous way.
  • The building has the particularity to have a monumental dome. This architectural exploit for period was made possible only by the use of enormous foothills, which confer this massive aspect on the basilica. It’s translated on the font by a square base and a rounded summit as a dome. Moreover the letter is thick and pressed down.
  • Over the centuries the building was repaired, enlarged and reconstructed many times, results from it an architecture very detailed. This aspect is translated on the typeface by contreformes in arabesques and by serifs’s profusion. Moreover these serifs allow the ligatures of the characters, reminding Arabic language.