JBL Vision 2017

  • JBL Vision
    A personal rework of an old team Live Project with JBL from 2015
    You can check out the previous iteration here:

    Our Brief was to Design a new typology of audio in homes and define a new purpose with experience

    My focus was to try and update the concept by simplifying it and by implementing feedback given by our mentors and
    other professionals.

  • A new typology of audio device which extends out of its form. Using radial projections, Vision creates its own unique environment and experience around it
  • Vision interprets the music it plays and adjusts the intensity of what it projects intelligently to give a fitting experience for your play-list
  • For those moments when you need more music and less noise. To soothe you and the environment around with slow yet tranquil visuals
  • To match up to the energy of the music, Vision can project exciting visuals and become the center of energy for any lively occasion 
  • Using colors, vision communicates its state through the top of the product with subtlety. Simple indications like a battery low warning can be communicated with a simple light under a translucent plastic knob
  • All controls are intuitively centered in one accessible location for ease of control. Its architecture allows the optimum way to control your music
  • Packed with a sensor underneath the product, Vision can turn any normal surface into an interactive surface with its radial projections reacting playfully to your touch.
  • At the bottom is a small metallic piece housing a sensor which is able to pick up vibrations from any surface it lies on. 
  • Taking advantage of its visual features, this next generation home speaker can use its projections to make connecting to the speaker more exciting than just browsing through bluetooth menus on your phone
  • Friendly to its own, Vision can be paired with other Vision speakers to give a unique surround sound experience and a new and better visual experience
  • JBL Vision brings its loudness through its projections while the base product remains neutral to not get in the way of any of its colored projections visually.
  • Thank You
  • Feedback Appreciated.