FINGER CONTACT _Conceptual Design


    As a contact lens user, it has always bothered us that there is lack of water in public areas with which we might clean my hands in order to put in our lenses. We turned this problem into a design possibility. This product, Finger Contact, is designed with both a soft inner material and a hard outer shell in order to separate the lens from the finger. Thus, users can easily put their lenses into their eyes without worries. This provides a simple solution for people who are traveling or doing outdoor activities.

    Product Type
    Contact Lens Package
    Plastic & Latex

    Project Award
    2012_Red Dot Award: Design Concept / Best of the Best 
    2012_IF Concept Design Award / Top 100 winners
  • Design Concept 
    We derived this idea from sporting activities, namely to use the contact lens package as a protection device in order to separate my dirty fingers from the lens while inserting the lens onto my eye. However, the dimension of the package must be shrunk in order to bring the package closer to people’s eyes. So I designed it as a ring-like shell. Finally, the package retains the box-like features of common contact lenses packages already in the market.
  • Designed by Ta-Chih Lin & Yi-Fan Hsieh