Fragment of BC

  • Fragment of BC

    When you think about Canada you immediately see the infinite pine forests, the thousands lakes with all the magnificent nature around and the pure atmosphere of a hike in the mountains. At the end of August, we drove our car about 3000kms around the national parks and the countryside to experience this true canadian adventure. We were amazed by this intact wilderness and this is why I tried to capture what I like to call a fragment of Brisith Columbia.

  • Wells gray waterfalls

  • Burned trees in Jasper

  • Sunset over Banff

  • Mountains in Jasper

  • Lake Louise

  • Moraine Lake

  • Glacial rivers

  • Two Jack Lake

  • Sunset on the raod

  • Bugaboo Provincial Park
  • Patterns of the Bugaboo Galcier

  • Conrad Kain Hut

  • Marble Canyon

  • The forest is burning

  • Medecine Lake

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