AMI Grafika 10 | Poster

  • A M I  G R A F I K A  10  |  P O S T E R

    This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the
    graphic design department in the Institute of Applied Arts,
    Sopron (AMI) with an alumni poster exhibition.

    My piece is a montage of different lowercase letter "g"-s
    from typefaces I got to know at the University, all of which
    became attached to me and to my works in some ways.

  • D E T A I L S

  • I choose to showcase the name of the typefaces
    and the designer right next to each slice

  • On a timeline I highlighted the years of my studies at AMI

    I also highlighted a couple of words from
    the University's description, and if you
    read them together you'll get the essence
    of my thoughts on my former School

  • H B D  A M I  G R A F I K A  1 0 !