Oak & Saddle - Bourbon Whiskey

  • The purpose of this brief was to design a range of packaging for a line of American Bourbon Whiskey called ‘Oak&Saddle’.  A standard range and special edition bottle was required. The distillery is based in Kentucky. The design needs to reflect the roots of the company and it’s values of prestige, gentleman-ship, class, craft, and quality. Being the only brand to have its whiskey aged in casks that actually sits in horse stables, the unique connection the brand shares with American horse culture is also very important to its overall look and tone of the product.

    The drink would be in competition with other similar premium whiskeys. It is important that the drink sit in the whiskey market so that it is easily identifiable but at the same time it requires a differentiating factor.

    The whiskey is exported worldwide and so should appeal to Bourbon drinkers all around the world. The primary demographic are mature male drinkers aged between 30 and 60. This is not exclusive but the brand must appear strong, and masculine as it will be men purchasing the product.

    The following capture the tone of voice of the brand:

    Sophistication, Class, Nobility, Prestige, Gentleman Natured
  • Special edition bottles come in a custom made box, complete with a limited edition corn pipe and foil finishing on the bottle. 
  • Point of sale poster.