Futurist Manifest Now

  • What can the futurist movement mean in the modern society?  
    The book deals with the thoughts behind the movement, 
    using the manifest of Marinetti.    

    The main idea is to challenge the reader with going against 
    the tendency of information society, in which data is easily accessible. 
    The book is spiral bound, so that the four pages in one spread 
    can be turned individually, this way the reader can create abstract compositions, 
    but also has to find the pairs in order to read the text. 
    Marinetti's manifest contains 11 articles indicated with numbers 
    which also hide certain parts of every article. 
    Since every article is repeatedly on the pages always showing different parts of the text, 
    the recipient can acquire the information, only the process is made more difficult
    to challenge our usual reading habits. 

    Variable cover, book format, spiral bound, 28 pages