B-HEAT Self-Generating Heater for Bike

  • B-HEAT
  • Self-generating Hot Air Fan for Motorcycle
    Concept Design
    Graduation Project, Capstone Design

  • In Winter, It's Too Cold that Bike Riders Eagerly Look for Red Lights
    겨울철 오토바이 배달원, "신호대기는 몸을 데울 수 있는 유일한 시간"
    Riding motorcycles in the winter is painful for bike riders, especially delivery men and women who drive for lots of hours a day. Many riders who drive bikes for business purpose said in interview that driving bikes in winter is too cold that they are glad to see red lights, since it is the only time to get their bodies warmer. Actually, lots of bike riders get their hands and feet closer to engine and warm their bodies up using engine heat.

  • The Self-generating Hot Air Fan for Motorbike for Delivery Men and Women
    오토바이 배달원을 위한 자가발전 온풍기
    B-HEAT is a hot air fan for motorcycles that recycles exhausted engine heat. While riding, B-HEAT self-generates and saves electricity by upwind, and while waiting for signal, it sucks and conveys heat up to driver.

  • 1
    Double-wall structure and soundproofing material inside for insulating heat and noise of wind
    단열과 방음을 위한 이중 벽 구조

    Bakelite plastic used for enduring high temperature of heat from engine
    엔진 열을 견디는 베이크라이트 소재

    3.7V 100mAh small size of battery is installed only for 30 seconds while waiting for traffic signals
    신호대기 30초 만을 위한 소형 배터리

    Wind passed by engine is purified going through two filters, removing oil smell and fine dust
    미세먼지와 기름 냄새를 거르는 필터

  • Charge While Riding with Headwind, Warm When Stopped at Red Light
    주행 시 맞바람으로 충전, 신호대기 시 엔진 열을 운전자에게 전달
    When motor rotates faster than its rated rotation speed, electricity is generated. Assuming driving at 60km/h, 17m/s of strong headwind rotates motor faster than rated rotation speed to generate and save power in battery. When bike stops and no more overcurrent/overvoltage occurs, motor starts to rotate around lower speed and suck heat from engine to rider's body. In the test with prototype, 6.5°C was increased from original states without B-HEAT when outside temperature was 16.5°C.

  • Easy Installation on Maintenance Hole of Underbone Motorbike
    가장 대중적인 상업용 오토바이의 엔진 유지보수 구멍을 이용, 쉽고 간편한 탈부착
    Underbone is one of the styles of motorcycles that uses structural tube framing with an overlay of plastic or non-structural body panels, and they are most popular in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, Taiwan and China for both daily-life and business purposes. In Underbone, the engine is located under the main body and there are holes for maintenance on the front faring. Using these holes, B-HEAT fit on almost every Underbone bike. High-resilience band and clipping frame structures make it easy to be installed, disassembled and stored in other seasons except for winter.

  • Working Prototype
    The main body was made of Acrylic pipe, 45° PVC elbow, and lathe processed Mono Cast Nylon. Motors and batteries were installed inside with transistors and reed switches to implement rotate-to-switch fan speed. Steel stick was welded for hooking/clipping frames and high-resilience band and Velcro were sewed for tightening both frames.

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