• Chronosphere

    Chronosphere is an interactive art installation that is concerned with the awareness of time. The audiences are able to move around to observe the movement of the objects. When the audiences approach the center of the installation, the movement of the objects wills response according to the number of person within the space. When the space filled with the certain number of audiences, it will create a frozen time moment.

    Chronosphere is made up of 32 PVC boxes with transparent acrylic sheets spinning on top; the speed is controlled by one master box, which is located at the center of the installation. The master box has four ultrasonic sensors, one at each side to detect the distance. When someone approaches the artwork, the speed will vary according to the distance between the artwork and the audience.

    Chronosphere aims to create a sense of frozen time through audience interaction and encourage us to be more conscious of every single moment in our daily lives.