Lemon Hotel with Takram

  • Symbolising the nostalgic concept
     of the art installation, the Japanese
     typography harmonises with
     the Western cursive scripts as a logo to
     welcome an international audience.
  • “Lemon Hotel” is an art installation/accommodation 
    at Setouchi Triennale produced by Smiles Co., Ltd. 

    Setouchi Triennale is an international art festival held 
    on several islands in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. 
    The festival invites artists from both Japan and 
    overseas, many of whom make use of abandoned 
    homes to host their art installations.

    The challenge was to create a symbol that strikes 
    a chord with both national and international visitors. 
    The result is a bilingual typography whose Japanese 
    scripts are modelled after Western cursive form. Its 
    incomplete lines suggest a shape of lemon in a response
     to the concept of the installation celebrating the pure 
    and sour taste of distant memories.
  • Credits
    Client: Smiles Co., Ltd.
    Creative Direction: Kotaro Watanabe (Takram)
    Graphic Design: Kotaro Yamaguchi, Tomomi Maezawa and Maki Ota (Takram)
    Web Design & Photography: Kotaro Yamaguchi and Terushige Enatsu (Takram)