Quantum. Light of Blue

  • "Quantum. Light of blue" is a Personal Project made for Digital Art Award 2017 organized by CGTrader
    I was invited and I used the opportunity to participate by creating something interesting for this CG event.
  • My main goals were to realize and create from scratch a piece of an imaginary world, space environment, part of my personal concepts.
    The working title of the project is called "Quantum. Light of Blue"

    Planet Quantum is a piece of the bigger giant dead planet, which piece is still alive. The shape is formed by some unique types of rocks, core crystals, ice and dust after million years of existence and formation. The Planet has one circular Moon to which I'm exploring my angles as a viewer. Mainly, for now, is one specific place, but later, I'm planning to explore the planet for some more interesting experience. With those few renders, I would like to illustrate and share more of that story with you. I would love to send you on Quantum for short period of time and to collect your feedback after that. Enjoy!
  • Modeling, Shading, and Lightning
    For the modeling and shading part, I used some procedural techniques to get this organic effect. For the modeling, I also experiment and I used Micro-displacement, which is a super powerful feature in Blender, however, at the end I decided to go for real mesh modeling for most of the terrains, for more control over the concept. The lighting setup was quite complex, and especially the challenge was the size and dimensions of the scene, but I spend some time of exploring how the mood of the days will look like, just to get the right feeling and at the end, everything was absolutely clear and fine.
  • another shots from different angles into the process. Showing the exploration. looking for the right inner feeling
  • Thank you for your time and appreciation!