• SΛLΛT is a series of electronic dance music events, which sets new standards of EDM event making within Ukraine. Key mission of each show is to give visitors beautiful experience through the music, light and sound and other show details. Since 2015 SΛLΛT has evolved into a powerful EDM movement, which gathers thousands of people almost monthly on open-air and indoor shows, has it's own resident artists and often brings famous DJ-s and sound producers from Europe.  
    ACID 2.0 is a 17th event by SΛLΛT, an epic comeback of expressive and quite freaky ACID theme. Our SKILZ team developed a series of loops embodying party ideas: bright colors, crazy forms and images. Enjoy!
  • Client: SALAT
    Content production: SKILZ

    Motion designers:
    Nick Kirichenko
    Vladislav Dremlyuga 
    Eduard Mykhailov
    Sergey Moroz