Sony: On air - Redesign of ‘My First Sony’

  • <My First Sony,CFM-2500>

    Heritage from My First Sony, with it’s intuitive interface. 

    ‘My First Sony’ was a wish that children's first experience with these electronics would spark a lasting interest in science and technology.​​​ One of it’s unique function, ‘audio-contents production’ was handed down to ‘Sony : on air’ collaborated with Podcast. ​​​​​​​

  • A 'home recording device' designed for Podcast.

    Audio contents were mostly produced by experts in past, but amateurs also produce much amount of audio contents these days . Growth of  Podcast was a motive power of the alternation. ‘Sony :on air’ is a home recording device for amateurs to produce audio contents for Podcast.

  • A package as a tutorial.

    ‘Sony :on air’ does not offer any manuals. Instead, it’s package is a tutorial for users. While unpacking the product, one can intuitively acquire basic directions about how to use ‘Sony :on air’.

  • Various colors from my first sony.

    ‘Sony :on air’ comes in 5 different colors and 3 different materials which is derived from the original model ‘My First Sony’.


    Sumin Shin, 2017