Calligraphy mugs

  • Idea

    Calligraphy is my passion. I write words and letters all the time.

    So one day I took the challenge to use the beauty of it and I asked myself how calligraphy can be used to serve to brighten up someone's day. I thought of an everyday object, something that brings joy to everyone, even going through the hardest day at the office for example.

    I knew it. I immediately thought  of coffee. So whats better than to combine the two things I love. Calligraphy mugs began to take shape in my head.

    The challenge was to make such a calligraphy that could unite with the oval shape of the mug, because I didn't want only the ornamental beauty of calligraphy. The calligraphy piece should be inseparable part of the mug, it should follow the shape of the mug. So I had to carefully chose the exact quotes which can be written exactly in the pattern that follows a mug's shape and perfectly fits its size. 

  • Custom shape

    In the process of choosing the right words, (not without the help of my girl) I realized that this project cannot be placed on just any surface. This cannot be done on a regular, standard coffee mug which anyone can find at any store. So I started to think of the form of the mug- it should follow the people who would use it- and I think of them as adventurers, people who enjoy life, and, of course, calligraphy lovers. So the mug design is inspired by tourist metal mugs with straight lines and bold rectangular handle. 

    Glazed and baked white, black and red mugs. Then we screen printed them and baked them again.

  • DIY home photo studio.

  • Final product

  • Packaging

  • Product Photos

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