Consider the Signifiers

  • Consider the Signifiers:
  • Consider the Signifiers examines the entirety of Rodger’s manifesto in 468 pages, commenting on his self-absorption, sexual cravings, disgust at his virginity and appetite for ‘Retribution.’ Four glyphs were chosen to signify these themes, drawing our attention to the depths of Rodger’s infatuations. These symbols reveal the sheer volume of self-referencing (10,293 times to be exact), highlighting his ego while demanding we digest with more intensity. Signifiers exist to both evoke and criticise, suggesting there is more to the work than the text alone can offer, forging a wider analysis than Rodger could comprehend.

    There’s no doubt that the words we write and speak are a direct expression of our inner dialogue and personalities. We know that different readers can discern varied meanings from the same texts. However, beyond the content of language, we have the ability to uncover a unique insight into an author’s mind, for instance – through noting how often certain words are used. Consider the Signifiers is the dissection of Rodger’s 140-page, 107,000-word manifesto. It is a 468 page exploration of visual literacy and symbolism, a method of rapid analysation, and an observation of the inner workings of a mind plagued with mental delusion.