• Divar (meaning wall in Persian) is Iran’s largest online classified mobile app and a subsidiary of Cafe Bazaar. Whether you want to find real estate, vehicles, electronics or you’re looking for a new career, Divar could be your answer. Posting on Divar is completely free of charge but to add special characteristics to your ad you can pay small amount of fees. For example by paying 6 thousand Tomans ($1.5) you can add your posting to the urgent section for three days.
    Divar is available in 51 cities of Iran and the app has also expanded to Afghanistan.
  • TEAM

  • Director: Alireza Mirhadi
    Animator: Alireza Mirhadi
    Illustrator: Mad Eskandari
    Narrator: Arash Javan
    Producer: GifStudio
    Client: Divar App
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