• Photo reflection on body identity, dna and marks: color (#pantone), body center/equilibrum (#nombredor), femininity/masculinity (#adam/eve), external/skin marks (#oops) 
  • What is identity? Body identity? My work questions the similarities and the differences of people. This is hidden under our clothes, what mark's us.  
  • #pantone
    The warmth of the hue of our skin determines our ethnic group and becomes our "Mark".

  • #nomdredor
    The navel is the direct link with the Mother, it is located in the center of the round of "Vitruvian Man" of
    Leonardo da Vinci.
  • #adame/eve
    Between 10 and 15 weeks of fetal development there is no difference between male and female embryos. After 15 weeks there is a "hormonal explosion" and an embryo takes the male or female sex. But the formation of nipples is happening before this "boom" of hormones, so it's because woman and men have nipples.
  • #oops
    The skin, our outer shell. During all our life it suffers falls, cuts, burns, scratches that leaves the trasses on our body, the trasses that we wear during all our life. They become our specific marks, which we name "imperfections".
  • #photography #mashafee #2017