MIS — Publication 💥

  • Mis-understand


    Mis is a fictional company created to explore the relationship of correction and inaccurate items we identify in our lives. This publication states the mission and advocacy of Mis.

    A selection of issues and debates on the items that has been designed in the world will be the focus. There are no specific rules nor boundaries for deciding the inaccuracy of an object. In a world that boasts an abundance of objects, what is needed to make us care?

  • In Mis, we look at any forms of communication. We believe everything can be corrected to deliver the legitimate message. We are the experts you need. Mis can illuminate everything.

  • All forms of negative phenomenon starts with Mis. While from the very first moment when we were born, we are bound to register our experiences and thoughts with every thing we encounter. The discrepancy between imagination and reality arose. Think about the first acquaintance we had with every new things/people/experiences we witness in our life – strange, unfamiliar, unusual, comfortable… the list can go on forever. In order to participate ourselves with the subject we need to judge before we put ourselves in it. 

    However, there are a lot of things in the world that can mess with our sense of judgement; by judging too quickly sometimes we fail to accept the truth behind the subjects. Hence, the communication was disrupted.