Angels House Baby Studio

  • Angels House Baby Studio

    Angels House Baby Studio is an unique baby studio in Saigon which is specialized for newborn baby portrait. With their magical hands, it is easily to capture the baby's rare expression that even parents hard to see.

  • Concept

    The task is quite a challenge to create an identity that could be the representation for their unique style as well as get mommy's love. Therefore, we took the images of their babies' portraits with a whole lot of different unique expressions and design a series of iconic characters : the potato angels. Starting from the basic expression of newborn like sleeping, we ended up with many more like smiling, grumpy, teasing, crying, etc. Giving the brand not only a great representation for their unique photography but also a sustainable direction to expand the brand.

  • Credits
    Photography Monkey Minh
    Stylist Ben Phạm
    Assistant Lâm Minh Trung

  • The angels house

    The house is a great symbol to represent the peacefulness, welcoming, warming and happiness of a family. It also has cloudy texture combining with pastel colours, which is favourite mommy palette, in order to giving the brand a freedom environment like it is when shooting portrait, to be ourselves.

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