Mucho Flow

  • About Mucho Flow?
    Yes. It is a festival built upon the will to make. A thrive to allow a small community to seek for the unknown in a realm where new ideas are rarely brought to life. That's Mucho Flow: a two-day-long festival that bridges the notion of what is the state of the arts in music together with what it is to question what it is acceptable as a trendsetter.

    It is the significant other that is beyond: the gap between what it is believed to be set truth; the gap that can be fueled with triggers that ignite emotion.
    This brief is met with an acute typographical tone that re-discovers itself in each and every moment where it needs to perform. It is, at first, the responsiveness of the type that ignites flexibility, while thereafter it is the repetition that sets the electronic and intense tone of the whole narrative.

    Revolve set the goal to build a strangely visceral festival in an urban area that resides precisely in a big city while in the outskirts of the main cultural capitals of Portugal: Guimarães. Mucho Flow is a playful game of words that don't exist in the Portuguese vocabulary: Mucho is Spanyish while Flow is anglo-saxonic.

    Now, The Royal wasn't asked to do an evolving language, yet it created the rules for a Mucho typeface, a fluid set of layouts and a vivid accumulation of contemporary visual languages to build the grit, the fuel, and the guts to build the architecture for one to enjoy a groundbreaking festival in small village where electro, indie, and hybrid musical languages reach their culprit.

    Mucho Flow seeks the gut; the instinct; the reaction and the prolapse. It is an outcry for what it is that is transcendent in an electronic and mindfull overlapse of reason.

    Ladies & Gentleman,
    Mucho Flow:

  • Thank you Revolve for the privilege to be fluid!