Twofold 2017

  • Twofold Brighton was the student funded and organised graduate show exhibition for the University of Brighton Graphic Design and Illustration class of 2017. It was the culmination of three years of fundraising and creative efforts and was hosted at the Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf on the London Southbank in July. The show exhibited a wide variety of interdisciplinary work from the creatives alongside workshops, performances and talks. 
            At the University of Brighton, Graphic Design and Illustration are largely taught as the same course within the same studio. For this reason, collaborative mindsets and an open-ness to other disciplines is a huge part of the student’s practice. The exhibition revolved around this idea, with the name ‘Twofold’ highlighting the strength of the course by meaning ‘twice as great’. This idea was developed into a full identity that informed a range of outcomes. The branding utilised this idea by gathering a variety of student work, wheat paste-ing the work up onto a wall, and then creating a ‘de-collage’, where the work was torn down to leave segments of different work, creating a new image in itself. These images were developed into a range of visual outcomes, as featured below, and were put into place within the exhibition space through the graphics and build system.
            Twofold was a celebration of the time spent at Brighton and the education received there. The exhibition was a great success and received attention from a range of creative platforms including It’s Nice That and People of Print.

    Typeface Design: Chloe Legret
    Visual Identity and Branding: Jennifer Whitworth, Jessica Keene, Katia Cardoso, Claudia Cardoso, Ellie Rose, Jessica Samson
    Catalogue Design: Harry Dowlen, Jack Stocker
    Website Design: Elizabeth Melhuish, Tom Sayers
    Film Making: Richard Noble, Charlie Maclagan
    Curatorial Team: Sacha Buckley, Jordan Dunning, Niamh Power, Chris Woloshak, Tom Healey, Leah Money, Saskia Martindale, Molly Pendlebury
    Build Team: Ralph Parks, Tom Healey, Ollie Kay, Keith Taylor, Charlie Maclagan