Spellbound – Noise X Gif Festival

  • Noise X Gif Festival organised by Kult, recently had an open call for gifs. I was part of the 90 gifs selected from over 500 submissions. This is the first Gif Festival in Singapore and it was amazing.
  • I was very inspired by psychedelic art which are created by an artist having a psychedelic experience after consuming LSD. In Singapore, we are a fast paced society and that can lead to a lot of unhappiness. I present this gif to anyone who have fallen into repression, depression, who are burnt out or are having a hard time in life. I would like them to experience it as if they are in a crazy, happy, out of the world psychedelic trip (just without drugs) and remind them that although life can be brutal, it also brings surprising and unexpected happiness too. 
  • Cheers! Get Spellbound!