23rd French Film Festival of Málaga

  • This is visual identity and communication created for the 23rd French Film Festival in Málaga. During the festival over 20 selected films will be screened with various intentions: the development of cultural connections between France and Spain, the advancement of the modern French cinema, the popularisation of the modern French culture and art, the discovery of new frontiers and uplifting the image of France abroad. Enjoy!

    Art direction / Graphic design / Illustration — Estudio Santa Rita

  • The custom typography is based Art deco period style inspired by old French movies and travel posters.

    The custom typeface, named Chat Noir, is composed of letterforms that horizontally scale between regular and extended widths of the font, which are used all at once. The approach dynamically comes to life in animations where the letters squeeze in or stretch out as needed to fill the space.

  • We have used an illustrative composition where the colors are the protagonist for the scene. We open the window to the French cinema with a fresh take and young. The metaphor of the screen, which is viewed as a window in Paris, merges three realities, the city, the cinema and the spectator's gaze.

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