The Other Garage | My Side Project

  • The Other Garage has been a fun little side project. I love drawing and who doesn't love tee-shirts. This is a great way for me to put some artwork up and let people have at it. Most of it has been cars, but occasionally I do something else like a diver on a ski lift with a giant moon in the background or a diver with a bunch of balloons and nobody around to party with. 
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  • This is one of my favorite pieces, but unfortunately BMW doesn't allow reproductions (at least that's what some Australian BMW group says). 
  • I made a screen with the help of! 
  • I printed with a the screen!
  • Harambe means a lot to the people of the internet, this sticker tends to get a lot of attention.
  • Miata is always the answer... when you don't have anymore but want to enjoy driving.