• Yootensel is a kitchen brand offering back-to-basic utensil while providing a eco-responsible choice in materials and social approach in supporting causes.

    The dimensions of handle has being carefully studied ergonomically to hold firm yet naturally in the palm of one’s hand.

    Traditionally, knifes used to feature a full tank metal structure. Often neglected nowadays in order to save cost on material, this structure has the advantage of great strength. It distributes the force deployed while cutting onto the handle, providing efficiency but most importantly avoiding the blade to bend or break in your hands. This ensures great durability to the product.

    Throughout the process we kept several design principles in mind; making the product out of material that are safe and healthy for humans and the environment. 

    The handle is produced from agricultural waste, rice composit. We designed the product so all material can be reused by nature or industry.
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    Food & Beverage

    Market Research,
    Colour, material, finishing
    Industrial Design
    Design for manufacture
    Brand development

    European Product Design Award Silver winner, 2019
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