• Conceito artístico e materiais gráficos desenvolvidos para o novo álbum
    "What is in front of you is not what you see" da OCEAN BREEZE TROPICAL CLUB,
    banda independente de Curitiba-PR. Este é o resultado de alguns meses de trabalho:

    Artistic concept and graphic materials created for the new album
    "What is in front of you is not what you see" by OCEAN BREEZE TROPICAL CLUB,
    an independent band from Curitiba, Brazil. This is the result of some months of work:

  • "Among its infinite possible realities and dimensions, the Cosmos, just as the dark depths of the ocean, reveals itself so extraordinarily mysterious and indifferent to human existence, that even our most advanced technologies resemble mere archaic artefacts, almost magic in their capacity of maintaining us conscious on the shores of infinity." 

  •                                   From sketch to life

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