75th Kraków Nativity Scenes Contest

  • ​​​​​​​Building a nativity scene is an unique cultural phenomenon which dates back to the XIX century Krakow, and the contest organised since 1937 was created in order to preserve this ­tradition. The goal behind the project is to widen the promotion of the contest and the nativity set building as a key part of the Krakrow’s culture. The idea behind the project is to create a consistent visual identity system for this contest.

    My design is based on the rules of the nativity scene contest: symetry, decorative nature, reference to architecture and culture of Kraków, and the Christmas holiday season style and colours.

    The basis of the created system was to paste typography from colored papers and ribbons, which was then digitalized. Inspiration for this work were visits in the workshs of the scenes’ creators. The typography visibly refers to the Gothic script, and transforms in an effortless manner, in a similar way, like the historical architecture of Krakow, it is processed in nativity scenes. The letters form a grid on which all the parts of the project are based: logo, posters, the prizes for the winners of the competition, and the other elements of the promotional material. This led to achieve a visual integrity of the whole system, modeled on geometrc shapes.
    The identification was designed so that it may be used in the future years a come. 
    The project is an attempt to use the modern visual language, and references to Krakow’s culture and tradition at the same time. 
  • The first draft of letters from colored papers and ribbons