The Odd Three : Brand Identity

  • Τhe Odd Three - Designed in Athens, Ridden Everywhere
    Brand Identity, Visual Language & Apparel Design

    The Odd Three is a cycling apparel brand, founded in Athens [GR] by Faidon Lalagiannis, Ilias Bogdanos and Vasilis Giannopoulos.
    All three of them, have an odd fixation with cycling, great aesthetics and high performance functionality-oriented materials. 
    Therefore, they created a brand that offers premium quality clothing with a contemporary, urban style and a pure athenian vibe.
    They crafted clothes that elevate cycling to a hip form of exercise. The kind of clothes that every rider, beginner or professional, would be proud to wear.

    Let us introduce you to the Odd Three. And let us remind you that you have to be odd to be number one.

    Creative Direction / Art Direction & Design  -  Ioana J. Alfa
    Direction of Photography  -  Iliana Psilogalani
    Models  -  Nicolas Vlachakis & Evita Papageorgiou
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