Aalto Festival 2016 | Visual identity


  • Aalto Festival showcases the talents of Aalto University students, graduates, and faculty. The program consists of over sixty events, seminars, exhibitions, presentations and parties in Helsinki and Espoo. The identity designed for the festival creates attraction while retaining the recognisability of the university. 

    The logo frame and the colourful use of shapes and motion in the identity is a reference to the festival‘s ability to connect the different fields of experties that can be found at Aalto University. The combination of the fonts, Averta and Funkis, functioned as refreshing alternative to the usual look of the university. The catalogue features information about the talks, exhibitions and parties that can be found at the festival.


  • The Wordpress-based website was strategically designed as a mobile-first event calendar, with a long-tail concept automatically transitioning the site from calendar to documentation and archive throughout the festival. Depending on the capabilities and size of the user’s device, it is progressively enhanced by elements from the visual identity, incl. the video banner and the logo frame. The website was developed together with Sebastian Greger.

  • Have a good one!