The Murder of Crows

  • The murder of crows 
  • The Offspring
  • In tarot, the King of Spades is viewed as a dishonest lawyer.It is representative of a person who is intelligent authoritative and cunning in judgment, and is not easy to get along with. Just like the crow.
  • In classical Greek mythology, when the crow told the god Apollo that his beloved Coronis was cheating on him with a mortal, he became very angry, and part of that anger was directed at the crow, whose feathers he turned from white to black.
  • In Hindu mythology, when Raam was passing his time in exile, once he made some flower ornaments and put on Sita's body and then lay down keeping His head in Sita's lap. By chance Indra's son Jayant was looking at all this. He got attracted to Sita , as he could not do anything else to her, he assumed the form of a crow, bit her foot with his beak and flew away. Sita's foot started bleeding. When Raam saw that a crow had bit Sita's foot, He took an arrow, read a Mantra over it and released it at the crow. The arrow started following the crow. Jayant got scared of the arrow so he started flying far and far from that arrow. However far he went the arrow followed him.

    First Jayant went to his father Indra to ask for refuge, but Indra plainly refused him saying that he could not save him from Raam's arrow. And not only he nobody, even Brahma or Shiv could give him shelter. If he has committed a crime towards Raam, only Raam can forgive him. In spite of this warning Jayant wet to Brahma and Shiv but nobody could give him shelter and said the same thing as his father had said to him. After roaming in Tri-Lok he had to come back to Ram and asked his forgiveness. Raam forgave him but he said that although Jayant had committed a crime for which he could be beheaded he was sparing him, but he still must get some punishment. So he pieced the left eye of the crow with his arrow.