• Blossom is processing an original Hungarian ribbon motif. While it carries the traditional patterns, the shaping of the objects strains these wholly or partially, and then completely new ornaments are created from the old sample.

    Ligamental patterns are on pillow and sheet endings and many kind of textile ribbons which we can find in our the grandmothers’ house... so there are lots of inspirational sources to find endless patterns. The collection works with the most recognizable embellishment, the Matyo peony.

    Nowadays beauty, content and appreciation of the old, incredibly rich and beautiful motifs are often lost. Matyo is one of the folk motifs, which embroider the most densely. This is a sample that most people know like the Hungarian motif. The creators of so called 'Hungarian styled' products use very few, schematic patterns and put these onto various, almost any kind of surfaces. The more business became peonys and roses, the more empty they will be. The collection questions this attitude and tries to translate it into material situations and shows new symptoms on the human body.

    The project had been realised as part of the Future Traditions Research and Curriculum Development project with the support of the EEA Grants.

  • Blossom No.1 paper neckpiece
  • Process moments:
  • Blossom No.3 Blossom on me, blossom is me neckpiece