Jordan - Court Zero

  • Jordan - Court Zero是JL DESIGN與AKQA為NBA球星Russell Westbrook將到中國協力創作的數位宣傳影片。在Court Zero中球員們打破規矩,突破障礙,挑戰極限,不顧一切,贏下一切。球場中的原素結構成最強勁的對手,球員突破防線,不畏挑戰,成為下一個挑戰。
    To hype up the coming of Russell Westbrook in China. JL DESIGN collaborated with AKQA to create Jordan-Court Zero. In this court, ballers break rules, barriers, and limits; they risk it all to win it all. Each obstacle is visualised in a different way. Textured based on basketball elements. The ballers overcome obstacles and do not afraid of the challenges. They are here to become the challenge.

    Client: Nike
    Creative Agency: AKQA
    Design Studio: JL DESIGN
    Creative Director:JL 羅申駿
    Executive Producer:Angela Moo 巫安琪 
    Senior Producer:Chia Ying Tsai 蔡佳穎 
    Project Manager:Emma Hsu 徐宜瑄
    Lead Designer: Utsuo Chen 陳映男, Peter Kienetz
    Motion Designer : Julian Chen 陳安, Hank Liu 劉瓅涵, 孫世晟 Somei