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    After my recent trip down to California, I travelled the "Big Surf". I started my journey in San Francisco, skating and taking the rail carts along the city streets. Pleasantly surprised by the people/food/culture, stopped @ variety different locations. I than set out to Carmel by the Sea, a charming little town by the waterfront nested in a rich forest, almost like a cottage. The view was breath-taking, as the town is situated alongside the ocean and caved in by vast mountain ranges all surrounded by boreal sized trees. Heading out to Santa Barbara to catch the sun rays, the drive through the "Big Surf" was filled with beauty. Santa Barbara was a port side marina, where the rich and wealthy docked their summer yachts. Than drove out to Malibu, the most beautiful of them all, known for being called "Billion Dollar Beach". The beach and water sparkled while the sun dawned over, I snapped pictures of the waves that the surfers would coast on. Finally, my trip would end in Santa Monica / Los Angeles, the "City of Angels", the people most extraordinary, and beaches so long you would think it was a desert. Overall, this project holds some of the pictures taking while on this adventure, probably one of the most rewarding journeys I have had so far, I hope you enjoy.