ITAJBAN_Resist Hand Dyed Collection of Cushions

  • DOAA CUSHION _ 16'' X 16''
  • UNSA CUSHION _16'' X 16''
  • DUNIA CUSHION_16''X16''
  • HANA CUSHION 16''X16''
  • ELMA CUSION _ 16''X16''
  • PARIZA CUSHION 16''X16''
  • RANI CUSHION 16''X16''
  • AAMIRA CUSHION 16''X16''
  • AADILA CUSHION_16''X16''
  • FIDA CUSHION_16''X16''

  • Pilla Rang_a Resist printed and painted collection

    Resist Tie and dye project for DCH ( Development Commission of Handicrafts) have been done with new techniques and embellishment details. We have introduced itajime shibori to them which they were already imitating due to internet exposure to their new generation. Before we have started design intervention. They have developed their own tools with new materials.

    By introducing to actual methods and tools it gave them new perspective. Also using leftover dyed fabric in form of embellishments. This gave the opportunity to value add in the product range which can be marketed to urban markets with right price brackets. 

    Till now they were making only yardages, and supply it to local market. Now converting these into new finished products gave them opportunity to participate in exhibitions and to local markets with higher price points. 

    These intervention are efforts to make their craft more sustainable at the same time how in new techniques we can involve new-generation who will be taking it further.

    Each product is carefully handcrafted at each step of the process, it goes through many hands to complete a circle of a product.