Break the Ice at the Party — OPEN YAY


    Minimalist Style Bottle Opener

  • Idea

    It is one of the best things to drink beer and chat with friends in the summertime. OPEN YAY is a minimalist style bottle opener and an interesting object for breaking the ice at the party.

  • Background

    Cactus is a symbol of hope in the situation of thirsty in the desert.

  • The Y-like shape is chosen as a developing form style, with the feature of curves having the function of a bottle opener.

  • OPEN YAY utilises Class 2 as an ideal way to open bottles.

  • The final model applied 304 stainless steel using laser cutting.

  • Break the ice at the party using an interesting bottle opener.

  • The shape of cactus alludes to the holding gesture, which creates the meaning of affordance on OPEN YAY. 

    Also, the hint of affordance lets users know how to hold correctly, creating a new user experience for the bottle opener.

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