Transforming Bag for Sitting — Xit

  • Have you ever felt muscular pains when experiencing a long time of walking and standing?

    In life, we always have situations of waiting in line and standing or walking for a long time. We would feel tired, and our feet have muscular pains. Therefore, we wish to have a sit and take a rest to relieve the muscle ache. 

  • People go everywhere with their bag carrying with their daily items. Xit is a chair-like bag. As a bag for the daily needs of bringing personal belongings, it can also become a chair for taking a rest when people need to have a seat. By a simple step of opening Xit, it can be turned into a chair to meet the needs.

  • The idea of Xit is inspired by coin purse.
    I found the form of coin purse is impressive, and its way of open is unique while affecting the development of Xit.

  • The problem of no place to sit exists very common in our lives. The original intention of the design is to create a more straightforward and smarter solution. It is essential to find out what people bring mostly every day while this object must be reasonable. 

  • The bag is the best possible access to daily needs and the way to solve the problem. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the structure of folding and develop the x-shaped structure that can operate the design in a second. Eventually, carrying around everyday items and becoming a chair for sitting can be realised on Xit. As also a product for people to go and sit everywhere.

  • As a bag for carrying around everyday items, Xit can also be used as a chair wherever the user is. Open up the bag, and it transforms into a temporary seat. Xit comprises a breathable fabric as seat cover, a light-weight but durable holder, flexible fabric to withstand the tension when the shape changes, and zips on both sides of the bag for storing and getting things out quickly.

  • Xit is a portable chair-like bag, designed for everyday use, especially in situations where a temporary seat is needed. In a case like waiting in line, standing or walking for an extended period tire people out. All people want to do is take a seat and rest tired muscles.

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