№ 21

    Photography is very important in the modern world. A lot of pictures are created around the world every minute. The concept of the magazine "Racurs" was developed, to help people to understand what a photograph is today.
    This concept of the monthly magazine «Rakers"? which is about the art of modern photography, was developed basing on the Internet edition of "Free View."

    The magazine was adapted to the print version, the rubricator was redesigned. Each number contains a large number of photos, portfolio, articles about modern and classic photographers, reviews, instagram reviews. The magazine is aimed on photographers, designers, just readers who like to look at beautiful pictures, people who appreciate and nterested in the development of modern art. All materials are filed simply and friendly, which gives the magazine a modern and fashionable look. A large number of photos and other media content is used, which is diluted with articles and reviews.