Symbolic ╳ Animals

  • When people look at animals,
    they recognize its appearances and characteristics rather than the symbolic meanings.
    To raise an awareness of animal symbols, the most ancient and fundamental method of expression, nine artworks have been created to narrate the symbol of selected animals to the public.

  • ⧸⧸ Rabbit ⧸ The sacrificer, An animal lives in the moon. ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Tiger ⧸ The creator & destroyer. A tiger with the blade in its mouth is a charm use to prevail over the enemies  ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Dog ⧸ A psychopomp. The three-headed dog is a guardian of the gateway to the underworld. ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Snake ⧸ The equal power of the earth; Solar & Lunar, life & dead, good & evil. The renewal of a life circle. ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Rat ⧸ A plaque animal. The devourer, gnawing at the root of the tree of life. ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Rooster ⧸ A solar bird. The original form of the sun. An unappreciated animal. ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Boar ⧸ A dweller in the swamp. The wealth of the forest. ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Bull ⧸ The masculine principle in nature. A solar warrior connected with storm & lighting.
    The bull-headed man is a guardian who protects a center of the maze.  ⧸⧸
  • ⧸⧸ Ram ⧸ The masculine generation force. A sacred animal in an ancient egpyt as an attribute to Ra, the sun god. ⧸⧸

  • MA ⤫ ILLUSTRATION ⤫ 2011/2012
    Camberwell college of arts, University of the arts London.