• We decided to create a resource that helps visually and structurally explain the differences of all known gender. Three types of tools were developed to communicate with people.
    The first tool is table, presented as poster – because it’s the easiest way to present data visualization. 
    We created our table of Genders, which shows differences and similarities of existing genders. Additionally 
    we’ve created another poster, presenting gender flags with description of their colors. 

    The second tool is website. In our project we were unable to ignore the field of modern computer technology. 
    We have created an on-line interactive site, since modern people use to receive the information through applications and web-sites. On website you can either study a discription of a particular gender, or find out some interesting details about it. 

    The third tool is board game. Game process helps you learn new information in interactive form, which helps you better internalize new knowledge.