Chair with All the Possibilities — RONA

  • RONA 

    Chair with All the Possibilities

  • Background

    Not everyone can sit with the same sitting posture for a long time.

  • Thinking

    There is a chair with all the possibilities, RONA. 
    Whether lying down or lean on it casually, it allows people to interact with and have body stretching on.

  • 3 Sitting Postures

    Lean on /  Lying down / Sit on

  • Making Process

    It took me two months to finish making RONA, and I went to the factory almost every day. I spent a vast amount of time waiting for the drying of epoxy resin and polyester putty. My body always covered with dust when doing the surface treatment, and I felt exhausted from long working days. Although this project was hard work for one person, I managed to address the difficulties. After seeing the model evolved step by step, I found it is enlightening to realise a product from ideas to physical objects.

  • Primary Body

    1. Shape the styrofoam primary body.
    2. White glue coating.
    3. Layers of glass fibre coating.
    4. Apply polyester putty to smooth surface. 

  • Circle-shaped Frame

    1. Dividing the frame into six components aims to make the structure of wood firmer.
    2. Using sliding dovetail joint combines these parts to create a hexagon-shaped frame. 
    3. Make the circle-shaped frame using a milling machine, and create a groove to assure the seating pad stay steadily without getting out.

  • Seating Pad

    1. Shape the sofa foam to the ideal shape.
    2. Cover the sofa foam with fabric to finish the seating pad.

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