Adidas Here To Create Campaign

  • Art Direction: Adam Tuck
    Typography: Russell Pritchard
    Sport Photography: Jenna St. Martin
    Layout Design: Joanna Griffin

    The choice to cut or jab step, sprint or spin, flex or bend--it's gestures like these that allow for our own creativity and freedom of self-expression in sport. When we play, we create, and when we are free to do what we want, make mistakes, and be human, we are able to break through the boundaries in order to achieve the unthinkable. The Here to Create campaign centers around this freedom of self-expression and unbridled creativity in sport.
  • The campaign juxtaposes candid sport photography with raw¬†typography to create a playful layout of sport and self-expression. A modular approach was taken to ensure consistency across mediums, whether it be vertically oriented posters or horizontal layouts, the usage of repeating rectangles and overlaid type creates a beautiful texture from afar while also revealing a snapshop of creativity in sport upon closer inspection.
  • T-shirts were distributed to adidas employees throughout the village and people started to...well....get creative with them.¬†