Huong Anh x University of the Arts London (2017)

  • Commissions for 
    University of the Arts London 
    by Huong Anh Trinh (March - July, 2017)
    So in my final year, I told myself: " Come on, I must leave some beautiful traces here"
    UAL Teaching Awards & Course Rep Awards 2017
    UAL Alumni Competition 2017   
  • Winner of 
    UAL Teaching Awards & Course Rep Awards Design Competition 2017
    This award is to celebrate and recognize UAL's wonderful lecturers, support staff, technicians and tutors who empower us in our learning, challenge us to improve ourselves, and encourage us to venture beyond our own perceived limitations. It is also a time to celebrate our course reps, who work so hard in ensuring that all our feedbacks are listened to by the university. At a time when the Government want to introduce a framework called the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which will allow universities with better ‘teaching quality’ to increase their fees on the basis of arbitrary metrics that don’t actually measure teaching quality, it is so important that deeds like these don’t go unoticed. Excellent teaching isn’t measured by metrics, scores, or medals. Excellent teaching are the teachers that go out of their way to inspire, support, and empower us students. In response to this brief, I submitted two designs for the awards' certificates and, with gratitude, won both!
  • Winner of 
    UAL Alumni Design Competition 2017
    The UAL Alumni Association was looking for creative, contemporary, and simple designs that celebrate the spirit of UAL and the impressiveness of our global community. The winning design would be printed on a variety of materials such as cotton tote bags, plastic travel card holders and paper sketch pads, which are given away to people who attend the graduation ceremonies across 6 colleges at the end of July 2017. The designs were aimed to reflect our  time at UAL, like what has UAL meant to us? To me, what I am going miss most about the best three years of my life will be the variety of useful workshops/ short courses with our wonderful, knowledgable tutors. Stepping out of college with a BA (Hons) Illustration & Visual Media, I have not only gained the knowledge and experience of my major, but also equipped myself with the abilities to photograph, to paint, to screenprint, to use the darkroom, to do traditional bookbinding techniques,... - all thanks to the priviledge of joining an extensive range of technical workshops and studios in all 6 colleges. Whatever skills I needed to bring my creative ideas to life, I can learn them here:
  • I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the amazing people from UAL Alumni Association, who worked especially hard to deliver these prints in time for the 2017 graduation ceremonies. Luckily the reaction turned out to be overwhelming, for we have received a lot of love and support from not only UAL students but also their friends and families - lots of products were collected; some even ran out. In the end, I am so glad that before leaving this wonderful school, I have at least left something behind that I can be truly proud of.
  • * University of the Arts London own the intellectual property (IP) of all the final winning designs.
    * An article conducted by UAL Alumni Association has just been released featuring the winning designers - highlighting our works and telling our stories ^^
  • And finally I just want to repeat this, for how many times I can't remember:
    UAL and LCC, thank you for the last three years,
     for saving me, and supporting me always. 

    Huong Anh Trinh
     BA (Hons) Illustration & Visual Media (2014-2017)
    London College of Communication, University of the Arts London