Netflix Rebrand : Application

  • Homepage and Menu

    Reflective of the website with a slide in/out menu that helps reduce the amount of information on the screen at a time.
  • Browse

    4 titles on the screen at a time to help all viewers in reading the titles. Selecting a title leads to more information on the selection.
  • Search

    As referenced when we uploaded the website the algorithm for suggestions has been axed and instead we are using filters. This is just to give you a feel for them

    1. Genre
    2. Most viewed, highest rated, etc.
    3. Time Range
    4. Geographical Range
  • Two-Screen Experience

    New to Netflix is their two-screen experience option. You can start or join a movie with a friend and have a conversation about the movie while it goes on. Let's face it, barely anyone just sits down and watches a movie now-a-days. 

    When initiated users can utilize their phones, tablets, or computers to type and chat and the conversation is displayed next to the screen. No more lonely movies.